• Brian Meier

How Real Estate Agents lose their Careers

I started reading this article about A-Rod almost being rejected by an uptown Co-op board. I thought it was crazy how the press can get these details so fast. Did the board tell, maybe it was A-Rod or his assistants. Nope, as always, it was the broker. Whenever these types of stories hit the press its always the agent.

There really are two types of agents when it comes to tight lips. Those that never talk, go to their graves with the thousands of secrets they keep. The others will tell you everything. The later of this group due end up getting caught all the time and once your knows for having loose lips you are done.

Agent have lots of jobs, we are designers, chuffers, bodyboards, therapists and advisor. But even more we are the people who know our clients deep dark secrets. Much more then lawyers we know all the good, bad and ugly on our clients and their family's. We are in their lives, we meet everyone, we come to their homes.

But once you talk you are done, if you cant trust you broker then its time to find a new one.

I don't know who squeaked about A-Rod but either the sellers or the buyers agent did. I can promise you this, one of those two people are gone. Check back in a year and see who who out of the business.

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