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  • Brian Meier

My dream home, as twelve year old boy

Goonies never say die and one movie fan’s dream of owning the house from “The Goonies” never died either. An undisclosed buyer agreed to buy the home at 368 38th Street in Astoria, Ore., only weeks after it hit the market, the New York Post reported. The seller, Sandi Preston, was asking for $1.65 million, but the deal isn’t expected to close until the end of next month. Listing Agent Jordan Miller of John L. Scott Real.

But what I see as something interesting is the price and value. Of course if you are a Goonies fan, and if you not just leave now and spend some time questioning your life chooses, you know the kids saved their homes with a bag of 6-8 emeralds. I spoke with a well know jeweler and he predicted the values of those stones, if real, at a total number well below $1,000,000.

Now with all pirates and treasure maps aside. It is crazy that the true value was the houses. Now if any of those characters could have foresee those numbers I'm sure they would have fought more for a second mortgage rather then risking their lives.

Next post maybe I'll look at how the Wet Bandits should have tried to manipulate home ownership of the McCallister estate rather then stealing some now defunct VCR's.

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