How to choose a horse and a real estate firm.

This weekend, Justified was the 13th horse to win the Triple Crown, American horse racing's highest achievement. Justified was a heavy favorite, he was favored more then 10-1 over the next best horse in the race. It was not a surprise to anyone when Justified held the lead from open gate until finish and won by two lengths. Many people may have been hoping for an underdog to take the winners circle, as people often hope for that to happen in major sporting events. But at Belmont, like in most races and sporting events, the favorite won it out. A similar story played out Friday night as the overall favorite Golden State Warriors took home their third NBA championship in the past four years. It is very common for the favorite to win these type of events. The same is true in most of life's situations. The group with the most experience and record of success seems to win at a very high percentage over the less experienced or able parties. This is true even in Real Estate sales. Many sellers and buyers get excited to work with the new interesting trend. Either they just want to see something new, take advantage of the old market, or they just think that any young firm or agent may be able to think outside of the box. However, there is a big reason why the same companies, agents and teams always win top awards each and every year. It is great to cheer for an underdog, a group who is unproven but high in hope. But when you are risking or depending on a multi-million dollar transaction, it is best to work with experience.

The team you have winning nine out of ten times will most likely perform for you. Not to say that the outlier wont come up with a win now and then - you will see that win (sale) then advertised and posted all over the news. But if you do not want to be a one in a hundred show, the blind half court hook shot taken by Dennis Rodman, then look at your firms/teams past achievements. Look to see what your options have produced, what is their percentage of success in your demographic. Because everything is not that exciting or sexy, and the ones that win 90% of the time will most likely win again for you.

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