What to tip your building staff for the holidays (the 2018 update).

One of the big questions we get ever year around this time is; how much do we tip our building staff? Where there is no rule or standard guideline, this may help give you an idea of what others are doing.

  • Super, resident manager: $100 – $250 (depending on their service level)

  • Doorman, concierge: $100 – $150

  • Porter, handyman: $40 – $75

  • Garage attendant: $20 – $100 (depending on their service level)

These numbers I have gathered from direct communication with our past clients and associate brokers.

One good idea I was given (by my wife) was to give each staffer a personalized holiday card with the cash tip, or check. In the card also include a holiday scratch-off card. We did this in our building one year and it was highly enjoyed.

Now what if your building has a holiday tipping pool? Some people will avoid the pool and give out individual tips, but this can be hard when you live in a building with 20+ staff members, or you just don’t have the time to write those individual notes.

Brickunderground.com took a poll in 2017

to see what people are paying throughout the city. See their results below, or at this link.

#doorman #tips #holidays

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