Timing is everything

The story of two people. Adam Citerolia bought into Bitcoin with a 2 million dollar investment. Ashkat invested $900K in the new currency. Ashkat’s investment rose to over $6,300,000 before she liquidated it. Adam’s $2,000,000 is now values at less then Ashkat’s initial investment.

They both bought the same exact product. What was the difference, timing. I put forward to you that there are no bad investments, only your timing toward them. There is a time to buy and a time to sell and that makes all the difference. I’ve seen people make major profits on trading timeshares. They just know how and when to move them.

There are an overwhelming amount of articles talking about how bad the Manhattan market is right now. More are coming I promise you.

Many people will lose value and some people will lose lots of actually money. But there are people who will end up making fortunes in the 2018 Real Estate market. Those people are today’s buyers.

Ashkat is moving her profit into luxury apartment in Manhattan. She plans to rent them out for 3-5 years and profit off their increased values when she sells. Adam is putting his remaining cash from the sale of the Bitcoin into the stock market.

I will follow up in a few years to this article with the results from both investors.

I didn’t use Ashkat’s true name for her privacy. Adam said “Use my name, nobody reads your blog”.

Adam my mom reads the blog. So haha to you my friend. :)

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